Write an essay on maughams reflections on old age

Attitudes and choices in old age Essay: Attitudes and choices in old age There is no specific age for defining old age.

Write an essay on maughams reflections on old age

His grandmother insisted that his first name be Louisbut his parents always called him Leonardwhich they preferred. He legally changed his name to Leonard when he was fifteen, shortly after his grandmother's death. His father, Sam Bernstein, was a businessman and owner of a hair product store no longer standing in downtown Lawrence on the corners of Amesbury and Essex Streets.

Sam initially opposed young Leonard's interest in music. Despite this, the elder Bernstein took him to orchestral concerts in his teenage years and eventually supported his music education.

write an essay on maughams reflections on old age

At a very young age, Bernstein listened to a piano performance and was immediately captivated; he subsequently began learning the piano seriously when the family acquired his cousin Lillian Goldman's unwanted piano.

He had a variety of piano teachers in his youth, including Helen Coates, who later became his secretary. Although he majored in music with a final year thesis entitled "The Absorption of Race Elements into American Music" reproduced in his book FindingsBernstein's main intellectual influence at Harvard was probably the aesthetics Professor David Prallwhose multidisciplinary outlook on the arts Bernstein shared for the rest of his life.

One of his friends at Harvard was philosopher Donald Davidsonwith whom he played piano four hands. Bernstein wrote and conducted the musical score for the production Davidson mounted of Aristophanes ' play The Birds in the original Greek.

Bernstein reused some of this music in the ballet Fancy Free. During his time at Harvard he was briefly an accompanist for the Harvard Glee Club. Blitzstein, who heard about the production, subsequently became a friend and influence both musically and politically on Bernstein.

write an essay on maughams reflections on old age

Bernstein also met the conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos at the time. Although he never taught Bernstein, Mitropoulos's charisma and power as a musician were a major influence on Bernstein's eventual decision to take up conducting.

Mitropoulos was not stylistically that similar to Bernstein, but he probably influenced some of Bernstein's later habits such as his conducting from the keyboard, his initial practice of conducting without a baton and perhaps his interest in Mahler.

The other important influence that Bernstein first met during his Harvard years was composer Aaron Coplandwhom he met at a concert and then at a party afterwards on Copland's birthday in At the party Bernstein played Copland's Piano Variationsa thorny work Bernstein loved without knowing anything about its composer until that evening.

Although he was not formally Copland's student as such, Bernstein would regularly seek advice from Copland in the following years about his own compositions and would often cite him as "his only real composition teacher".

He took jobs with a music publisher, transcribing music or producing arrangements under the pseudonym Lenny Amber.

InBernstein began his study at the Boston Symphony Orchestra 's summer institute, Tanglewoodin the conducting class of the orchestra's conductor, Serge Koussevitzky. Bernstein's friendships with Copland who was very close to Koussevitzky and Mitropoulos were propitious in helping him gain a place in the class.

Other students in the class included Lukas Fosswho also became a lifelong friend. Koussevitzky perhaps did not teach Bernstein much basic conducting technique which he had already developed under Reiner but instead became a sort of father figure to him and was perhaps the major influence on Bernstein's emotional way of interpreting music.

Bernstein later became Koussevitzky's conducting assistant [14] and would later dedicate his Symphony No. Before the concert Bernstein briefly spoke to Bruno Walter, who discussed particular difficulties in the works he was to perform.Based on this self-reflection in old age, individuals may experience high self-esteem or low self-esteem.

For example, when someone reaches old age, important events like retirement and becoming a grandparent may produce higher self-esteem or lower self-esteem depending on the individual. The first point to make about Maugham is that he trusted literature. It was the one activity in which he had complete and lasting faith.

He made a wholehearted surrender to it from boyhood to old age. Sep 18,  · To write a reflection paper, start with an introduction where you state any expectations you had for the reading, lesson, or experience you're reflecting on. At the end of your intro, include a thesis statement that explains how your views have changed%(25).

Somerset Maugham's The Razor's Edge is his look at the Jazz Age -- the Lost Generation, as Gertrude Stein dubbed it.

Characters in this book have participated in this war as ambulance drivers. Characters in this book have participated in this war as ambulance drivers.

Reflections on Childhood Development Essay; Reflections on Childhood Development Essay. and vision. For example, at birth typically a child’s vision is 20/ and will not reach 20/20 until age two. They can usually focus on objects or people that are up to 9 inches away and can following a moving finger.

but do not develop full. A short book of pages, Old Age: Journey into Simplicity, is a collection of five essays written by a woman, well into her eighties, who spent her life studying the insights of Carl Jung.

Religion is another important aspect of old age it prepares a person to accept mortality and transit to the next the world. Although many argue that old age starts at 65, I . May 19,  · To write an excellent essay, it is important to make sure that you vividly describe the situation you experienced with lots of details and sense images about stress. While you can point out that your own experience mirrors the experience of others, be careful also to make your reflections lausannecongress2018.coms: The eighteen-year-old Evelyn Waugh, who had not yet traveled abroad, went to the play in , and although neither then nor later given to outbursts of unalloyed critical enthusiasm, he pronounced the experience "simply perfect." in his Essay on India (), brings into juxtaposition the women of Sind and the women of London, to the.

Her thesis is that, near life’s end, a point comes when we must choose how to go into our last years, how to approach death.

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