Revenge is not the answer response

Chuck Haggard A recent article by law enforcement trainer Ron Borsch sent out via the Force Science Research Center's e-newsletter has generated a great deal of controversy among law enforcement officers and trainers. In the newsletter Borsch advocates a single officer response to active-shooter incidents as being appropriate. Although many trainers feel that a single officer response to an active-shooter incident is never appropriate due to officer safety considerations, I have to strongly disagree. To help readers evaluate my opinion I should give a bit of my back-ground; I am a police officer with 21 years of service, who has served over 18 years on a busy tactical team, as well as being a firearms and defensive tactics instructor.

Revenge is not the answer response

Teachers can modify the worksheets to fit the needs of each class. For quick discussion questions relating to this movie, click here. As you watch the movie, put yourself in Hamlet's shoes.

You are 16 or 17 years of age. You are a prince princess of Denmark. Your father is this fabulous King who has won many victories.

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Your mother is a beautiful queen. She raised you herself and you are closer to her than to anyone. When you are away at school the King suddenly dies. Arriving home you find that your uncle, the new king, has married your mother! And then a ghost appears who looks just like your father.

He says that your uncle killed him!! But your uncle is now the King and it is medieval times. The King is the government.

You can't go to the district attorney or the courts and ask for help. These institutions, as we know them, don't yet exist.

The Psychology of Anger and Anger Management : Insult, Revenge, and Forgiveness

You can't go to your mother, your uncle's new wife. By religious teaching and by custom, wives must obey their husbands without question.

And besides, your uncle's not a bad king. He's popular at court and with the people. Finally, it's the Middle Ages and people believe that the devil is a force in the world trying to seduce people into sin.

What if the ghost has been sent from Hell to tempt you? By comparing what happens to each of them, we can discover at least some of what Shakespeare is trying to tell us in this play.

Peter Kassig's death: Revenge is not the answer

Much of it is about revenge. Gertrude, the Queen, does not express her grief at the loss of her husband through normal mourning. She allows herself to be taken up by a new husband and involved in a new relationship. Note that Gertrude had many reasons to marry the new King.

In the Middle Ages an aristocratic lady whose husband died, even a queen, suffered a substantial loss of status. Marrying Claudius allowed Gertrude to retain her status as Queen of Denmark. There was also a tradition, dating back to the Bible, in which a surviving brother would take up the wife of a deceased brother.

Psychologically, marrying Claudius allows Gertrude to avoid facing her grief at the tremendous loss that she has suffered. But most importantly, Gertrude seems to love Claudius and be genuinely happy in her new marriage. Ophelia's life is destroyed when Hamlet murders Polonius. Loving her father, she cannot forgive Hamlet for killing him.

Loving Hamlet, she cannot hate him or take revenge upon him. Ophelia has no place to go for emotional support and is unable to find an outlet for her various and conflicting griefs.

Her pent up emotions weigh her down and she sinks, literally and figuratively, to her death. Laertes, Ophelia's brother, has an outlet for his grief.

He seeks revenge, eagerly conspiring with Claudius against Hamlet. In the duel, Laertes' own instrument of revenge, the poisoned sword, is turned against him.

He drops it and Hamlet picks it up.The value of investment funds committed to selling off fossil fuel assets has jumped to $tn, doubling in just over a year. The new total, published on Monday, was welcomed by the UN secretary. What is Revenge Porn?

According to and, revenge porn is defined as “A form of sexual assault that involves the distribution of nude/sexually explicit photos and/or videos of an individual without their lausannecongress2018.come porn, sometimes called cyber-rape or non-consensual pornography, is usually posted by a scorned ex-lover or friend, in order to seek.

The problem exploded into public view earlier this year, when hundreds of active duty and veteran Marines were found to be circulating explicit images of current and former women service members.

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Aug 10,  · Best Answer: Ever heard of Karma? well the rule is, what goes around comes around.

Revenge is not the answer response

So the fact is, there's no need for revenge cause the person that avenges for anything will have the bad energy coming right back at Resolved. THE THOUSAND INJURIES of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat.

An answer song, response song or answer record, is, as the name suggests, a song (usually a recorded track) made in answer to a previous song, normally by another concept became widespread in blues and R&B recorded music in the s to the s.

Answer songs were also extremely popular in country music in the s and s, most often as female responses to an .

3 Reasons Why Revenge Is Never The Answer