Rainforests have been declining rapidly over

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Rainforests have been declining rapidly over

Should we be concerned about the loss of the tropical rainforest biome? Before deciding if we should be concerned about the loss of the tropical rainforest biome, we should first take the time to learn and understand about the tropical rainforest biome.

This is what I intend to do in this essay before deciding to be concerned about the deforestation or not.

How have ecosystems changed?

A biome is a regional ecosystem characterized by distinct types of vegetation, animals and microbes that have developed under specific soil and climatic conditions.

Deforestation is the loss of forests due to the over cutting of trees. In this essay I will investigate the effects of deforestation in the tropical rainforests and the effects it has. One of the many countries in the world to be home to rainforests is Brazil and its famous Amazon rainforest.

Between the stages of May and Augustalmostkilometres squared of forest was cleared in Brazil, an area larger than Greece.

A large proportion of the Amazon rainforest was cleared to facilitate the rearing of beef for international fast food companies such as McDonalds. More of the rainforests are cleared for pastureland by commercial interests, government policies and commercial exploitation of forest resources.

However, deforestation in Brazil is directly linked to the economic wellbeing of the country. Like everything in the world, there are two sides to every story, advantages and disadvantages. One of the up sides, or advantages of our rainforests being cleared is the wood it produces.

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Mahogany and Teek are hard woods that are extremely valuable for carpentry and cabinetry. The majority of antique furniture is in fact made from these woods which emphasises the value of the wood. As well, some of the rainforests plants with dry season adaptations can produce quality waxes and gums eg.

In a poor, underdeveloped country such as Brazil, we must think of the benefits to the people of the country. While clearing the tropical rainforests is devastating for its inhabitants, it does however create many jobs for the Brazilians which would otherwise have been without. Jobs are created while clearing the rainforests, jobs for the lumber jacks when cutting down the trees and also jobs for the machine drivers which help to clear the forest.

These jobs allow for families to be fed and clothed and kept from deaths door. The clearing of the rainforests help the economy in more ways than one. The machines used to clear the forests need to maintained and so mechanics are employed.

How rain forest destruction affects you

The machines need fuel and oil to function so this also helps the economy. The land made available by the clearing of the rainforests makes land available for homeless peasant farmers so they too, benefit from the deforestation of rainforests. This allows for the poor peasant farmers to grow sought after commodities such as Brazil nuts and cocoa.

When one thinks about the effects of our rainforests being cleared more and more, the first thought that springs to mind is the aspect of global warming.

Rainforests have been declining rapidly over

With thousands of trees being cut down, the obvious effect is for the carbon dioxide levels to rise and rise. Researchers have found that the carbon dioxide gas has major influences on climate change so the rising level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will affect our future for the worst.

In saying this, much of the lumber throughout the tropical rainforest biome makes for poor lumber. There is another issue regarding deforestation which one would not necessarily think of straight away and that is landslides and mud flows.

When the rainforest is cleared of its trees, there is poor soil cover and no longer are there roots of trees to bind the soil together. As expected when the rainforest receives the vast amount of rain that it does, there is major surface run off, resulting in landslides and thus, causing extreme devastation.

With the clearing of the rainforest biomes, many rare animals eg. The same can be said for the rare plants found in the rainforest. Many of these plants have large, broad leaves to absorb the little sunlight that does fall on the forest floor.In just 40 years, possibly 1bn hectares, the equivalent of Europe, has gone.

Half the world’s rainforests have been razed in a century, and the latest satellite analysis shows that in the last 15 years new hotspots have emerged from Cambodia to Liberia. The population number of eastern monarch butterflies overwintering in Mexico has been released, showing a percent decline over last year, continuing the downward trend that has resulted in an overall 90 percent decline from the population high just two decades ago.

The world’s top 10 most unusual and endangered birds - in pictures The world’s top 10 most unusual and endangered birds - in pictures. rapidly declining population has been feared close to.

Several studies of historical food composition tables show an apparent decline in food nutrient content over the past 70 years.

Rainforests have been declining rapidly over

This decline has been attributed to soil degradation and the “mining” of soil fertility by industrial agriculture. Amphibian Declines in Costa Rica The well publicized phenomenon of amphibian declines in recent years has raised awareness about the source of such declines worldwide as well as what species are rapidly declining.

The status and trends of amphibian declines and extinctions worldwide has been pushed to the forefront of environmental concern. "Brazil has been on a path of trying to bring down deforestation a lot," Maira Irigaray, the Brazil program coordinator for Amazon Watch, told VICE News.

"But when it comes to the Amazon, those.

The Extinction Crisis