Rainbow scratch paper

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Rainbow scratch paper

Instead, let the particles slide off from the paper into a bin.

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Watch out for this sign. It means adult help is needed for the particular step. Using crayons, fill a sheet of heavy paper with colorful shapes and patterns. Do not leave any white space or uncolored areas.

To make it easier for them, mark the area they need to color by drawing a rectangle at the center of the paper.

After they have colored the marked area, cut along the edges of the rectangle. Place some black tempera paint or poster paint in a palette or small bowl.

Add a few drops of liquid dishwash soap. The proportion is about a drop of soap for a tablespoon of paint. Use a foam brush or a large paint brush to apply a thick layer of black paint.

Rainbow scratch paper

Try to make the paint layer as even as you can. After covering the entire picture with black paint, set it aside to dry. You can check on it after a few hours. Mine took about 2 hours to dry. Find a pointed object to use as a scratching tool. Toothpicks, paper clips, or a sharpened wooden dowel or chopstick can be used.

Think of a picture that you want to make. Use the tip of your scratching tool to scratch out lines and make patterns or images. As you scratch out lines and shapes, the colorful crayon layer beneath the paint will show through.

Besides making lines, you can scratch out entire sections of paint to "fill in" the shapes with color. Continue until you have completed your picture. Create lots of interesting pictures using scratch art. You can make abstract pictures or scratch out an entire scenery!

This activity is also a great way to learn about color relationships and the use of positive and negative space. Crafts You Might Like.Giant-fringe holography? nondiffractive holograms? single-fringe holograms? scratch holograms? sandpaper holograms? abrasion holograms? scratch-o-grams? holosketches?

wire-brush holograms? car-hood holograms? rainbow scratch Most popular.

Buy Rainbow White® Scratch-Art® Paper - Pkg. of 50, /2 in. x 11 in., at Nasco. You will find a unique blend of products for Arts & Crafts, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, and more! Scratch Paper Rainbow Lite x 25cm 10’s Your favourite Rainbow Scraper Card now comes in a translucent surface to allow you to achieve whimsical stained glass effects! Simply scratch back the black surface with Wooden Scraper Tools to reveal the translucent rainbow plastic. rainbow scratch Most popular. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote.

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Photo. Quote. Scratch Art Rainbow White Multicolour Paper This is heavy paper, firstly coated with 6 different colours in a random pattern, then coated with a top layer of white ink which can be scratched back by use of the Scratch-Art Sticks to reveal the colours beneath.

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Blue light (shorter. Scratch out some awesomely detailed scenes or colorfully abstract pictures onto black paper to reveal an explosion of rainbow color happiness! A great art activity that teaches color relationships, patterns, engraving and the use of positive and negative space.

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