Generational gap essay writer

Short Essay on Generation Gap Article shared by Life styles, rapid changes in Science and Technology has transformed our outlook towards life, increasing the divide, much more than it has ever happened in the past. The divide has always been there but never before has it been so wide. Life style changes with the passage of time and with a changing life style, attitudes and values also undergo a transformation. No two generations have shared the same views and options.

Generational gap essay writer

Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech 4. Having different opinions and ideas do not suggest that one of them is right and the other wrong. It does, however, suggest that age difference creates a drift in thinking which in turn creates a change in actions in one generation which may or may not be acceptable to other generations.

Generational gap essay writer

This drift is what we term as the generation gap. The younger generation had queries; they questioned the ways of the world and went against a lot of things that their parents firmly believed in.

From religious beliefs to political ideologies to their dressing sense to the kind of music they listen to, the movies they prefer watching to their socio-economic opinions and stances, moral values and even their relationship type, generation gap has led to several changes in the society.

generational gap essay writer

And this change is ever expanding. Parents should understand the point-of-view of their children, and be mindful of their psyche. Both the generations should build a kind of friendship in order to know that both the generations are bound to differ from one another.

They are going to have differences in opinion and that it is only natural for such differences to occur.

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It is imperative that we acknowledge and accept the basic idea of inevitable differences in opinions, values, tastes, outlook and preferences which will find its way.

Perhaps, instead of finding flaws in the other generations, we must observe and accept how every generation is different from the other and yet is quite similar. Participate in Essay Writing Competition.When we talk about thinking, then in today’s fast changing scenario, the younger generation become more practical, more wild, more assertive and ambitious then the older generation.

Now days, “Success” become a buzz word in between the younger generation and younger generation is trying to achieve this word at any cost.

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Generational gap has been there in every generation since the beginning of human race as every generation is more capable and modernized than the previous one but that generation gap was a natural process and it was not harmful as it was healthy and necessary for human race.

This gap results in direct confrontation between the young and the old. This is a universal truth which is applicable to all times be it the past or future.

Short Essay on Generation Gap

Shakespeare King Lear beautifully depicts this confrontation between the young and the old. ESSAY: THE GENERATION GAP IS ONE WHICH CANNOT BE BRIDGED Generation gap can be defined as an opposed division between younger people and older ones.

It can be perceived in cultural as well as political fields of society nowadays. Generation Gap: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech The origin of the term ‘Generation Gap’ is said to be around the s when the renowned sociologist Karl Mannheim observed various kinds of differences among generations and how the generations differed from one another on a number of fronts/5().

generational gap essay writer
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