Downloading music illegally is like shoplifting

Why is it illegal?

Downloading music illegally is like shoplifting

The fine bears this out, Downloading music illegally is like shoplifting sadly, it does not mean that things will get better for the public. Solicitors are in the main, arrogant and believe themselves to be above the law, and that's what infuriates ordinary people who are forced to use them or come in contact with this profession.

Complaints were found to take months, and then get referred back to the lawyer with no action taken. Calls for an Independent body to investigate are always thrown aside by the profession and it' s easy to see why.

They even played down the complaints by halving them to 10, massaging the figures, not unlike the Government.

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They conceded that in that particular year there had been 17, complaints lodged, 45 solicitors struck off, another 32 suspended and 42 were fined. Morrison was 'stonewalled' by the Solicitors Complaints Bureau for five years!

Pensioner 77yr-old Peggy Wood battled with the Law society and Solicitors Complaints Bureau for 16 years and sadly lost. She made a complaint about her solicitors acting under a conflict of interest.

She squared up to The Law Society and that was her mistake.

Downloading music illegally is like shoplifting

They knew how to play this case for all it was worth knowing that this frail pensioner could not win. Delays, more court appearances, more paperwork, new hearings, the legal services ombudsman, more delay and hey presto, 16 years and they win.

Downloading music illegally is like shoplifting

These are the people who claim the Law is fair. Rubbish, the Law Society is a club for crooks. Below, we have a selection of cases and Lawyers involved.

He like others in his profession, stole to fund a luxurious life style buying expensive cars. He received three years behind bars.

Walker who worked in the firm Appleby, Hope and Matthews of Middlesbrough was arrested with another man. He used the money on holidays and buying luxury goods, which he said was to win back his wife. He raided eight accounts in all before being caught and was sentenced to two years in jail.

He persuaded his clerk to alter records in order that he was not discovered. He flew the country and escaped to Thailand because no one took away his passport although he was bailed to appear on theft charges.

His girlfriend also a Lawyer, said Justin informed her he was a powerful Lawyer who could tear her apart in any courtroom confrontation. He also threatened to ruin her. He had treated the Magistrates Court with an air of complete disregard said the judge. She threatened to tell the employers of a wealthy investment banker that he was a homosexual.

She evaded capture when she was allowed bail and fled the country only to return later and set up a new chambers. Making himself Senior Manager, he was able to transfer money from accounts to his own. He fled the country before he could be charged. When police raided his office they found 90, documents, visa application files, false University certificates, academic records and bank statements.

He was jailed for four months by Chester Magistrates. The arrogant Lawyer defended the mistake by Leytonstone Council Tax collectors as an error after having bailiffs serve a notice of collection concerning money never owed, but went ahead with a court claim despite the pensioner not knowing of these claims.

Representing his council he wanted this affair to be kept secret. Private Investigator John Barrymore found other complaints against the Lawyer when he made enquiries. We had someone phone us and they claimed there was a dark secret in his early days, but sadly they did not ring back.

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Welcome to the Eastbourne Seniors Forum website Downloading music without permission is an example of theft and is immoral Yes because

What we do know is that his intimidation of ordinary citizens goes back several years and this is not his first time in using his position to make threats. One questions how many other secrets exist concerning this Lawyer? He was previously fined over mortgage fraud, he was jailed for three years.

Downloading Music Illegally is Like Shoplifting Essays

His legal clerk, Errol Howell was cleared of conspiracy due to a lack of evidence. Selected as a Deputy High Court Judge, he failed to stop for police and was found to be four times over the legal limit.Mar 31,  · Maybe that's why so many people who are older than say 30 think that downloading music is ethically wrong.

They remember that music is something that you pay for. Stealing Music: Is It Wrong. The Eastbourne Seniors Forum (ESF) has been set up along with many others across the country to be a voice for the over 50s.

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Following a very successful launch in we are now seeking to bring together all the members who have offered to get involved in some way or other and form and develop groups with. Combating Computer Crime. Computer crime is one of the fastest-growing types of illegal activity, both in the U.S.

and abroad. Indeed, much of the computer crime Americans face is from foreign sources, making regulation of these activities by police authorities exceedingly difficult.

FEATURED COPS. This section, and it is huge, looks at cases, dirty cops and what the Police do not like you to see about themselves. I will not bore you with their claims of unfairness on my part and the denials they continually issue to cover up their malpractice. Downloading song files from the Internet over a free peer to peer network is the moral equivalent of shoplifting music CDs from the local mall.

When you download any illegal media you are getting something for free that everyone else is required to pay a fee for. Downloading Music Illegally is Like Shoplifting Essays: Over , Downloading Music Illegally is Like Shoplifting Essays, Downloading Music Illegally is Like Shoplifting Term Papers, Downloading Music Illegally is Like Shoplifting Research Paper, Book Reports.

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