Business writing syllabus online

Instructors Introduction We will be offering Business Writing later in

Business writing syllabus online

business writing syllabus online

Students have 14 weeks to complete the online course 7 weeks for paralegal I and 7 weeks for paralegal II. Both sessions must be taken consecutively. To serve foreign students and law firm employees overseas, as well as people residing far from our live classroom lecture locations, we began offering this course on a VHS format in Now, with this interactive online format, we are overcoming the boundaries of distance and time by bringing the classroom into your office or living room.

Plus, students successfully completing both section 1 and section 2 will receive a Paralegal Certificate of Completion from their chosen, sponsoring university.

Advanced Legal Research & Writing Certificate Course – Online | The Center for Legal Studies

Once registered, your password and access information will be emailed to you in time for the start of class. This course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the American judicial system.

It will also teach you practical skills including how to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. Introduction to Paralegal Studies provides the foundation for the study of paralegalism.

During the seven week course, you will gain an understanding of the American legal system and learn how you can be of assistance in the exciting field of law. Introduction to Paralegal Studies This course is the first of two courses leading to a Paralegal Certificate. Please click here for more information.

The course is designed to train students to work as paralegals, provide advanced legal workers with additional skills, and educate students in the American legal system. After successfully completing the tests and assignments for this seven week course, you will know: The origins and history of the American legal system The meaning and application of important legal terminology Attorney and paralegal ethics Techniques of jury selection and the jury selection process How to prepare legal documents including demand letters, pleadings, discovery documents, motions and memos Significant elements of the substantive law of torts, contracts The important rules of civil procedure and evidence How to conduct a legal interview How to conduct legal investigation How to conduct legal analysis and perform legal problem solving Expectations This is an accelerated course.

You will be expected to spend an average of hours per week reading and completing writing assignments. Assignments are due once a week. Please note that no extensions will be granted for this online course. Students may consider working ahead in the curriculum if they have the time.

All assignments must be submitted to pass the course. Paralegal I is a prerequisite for Paralegal II.

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Some of the texts may be available in libraries, but most students prefer to own these texts because they are great references even after the course has ended. Please note that these same texts will also be used for the second half of the course: Paralegal Career for Dummies, Hoboken: Hatch and Lisa Zimmer Hatch.

Perspectives, Problems and Skills, 8th Edition. Cengage Learning, by William Statsky. Highly Recommended Legal Resources: Reading Assignments for Lesson Topics: Read Chapter 7 pages in PCD.

Review the legal terms on pages of PCD.

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You will not have a test on the last week of class. Your writing assignment is to prepare two interoffice memos in which you analyze legal issues. Each memo is worth points. You will also post your responses to six class participation assignments. All lesson objectives, assignments, and tests can be found in the Lesson Materials.

Also, participating in the bulletin board assignments will enhance your understanding of the reading material. Your final grade will be figured as follows: After the first Thursday of class, no refunds will be issued. Plus, students successfully completing both section I and section II will receive a paralegal certificate from their chosen, sponsoring university.Hello, here is our Waec Syllabus download West African Examination Council releases a scheme of work for all the subjects written in WASSCE.

The aim is to give every student a clear guide – showing areas/topics he or she is expected to know to adequately prepare for the Waec Our Business Writing Online Short Course will help you take your business High Performance · Chat Online · Accounting Software · Inventory Management.

Expectations Any additional requirements for this program are either listed below or may be found in the University's Graduate Program Catalog.

Writing well is one of the most important skills you can learn for success in the business world. Knowing how to write well allows you to deliver your ideas with the power they deserve. Good writing also conveys a sense of your professional excellence to the world around you.

business writing syllabus online

In this course, you'll master the simple, effective skills that drive all successful business writing. Expectations. This is an accelerated course. You will be expected to spend an average of hours per week reading and completing writing assignments. 10 Universities Offering Free Writing Courses Online.

See our list of universities that offer free online writing courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find. Business writing courses are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels or as standalone courses for professional development. Continue.

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