Authors who write about drugs

Shah of Stanford University in California, but most research has focused on the interaction between these drugs and the blood thinner clopidogrel. More than 20 million people in the U. Using a novel approach for mining clinical data for pharmacovigilance, the research team queried over 16 million clinical documents on 2.

Authors who write about drugs

If you want to call that a long-distance writing marathon, then the eight years between and about were a full-on sprint, when King sent a massive 22 novels to the publisher. In his memoir, On Writing, King talks about how deep he authors who write about drugs went into the addiction.

It was the same abuse that led to a heart attack in —his first of many. InGeorge Carlin voluntarily checked himself into rehab to get a handle on his alcoholism and heavy Vicodin habit an opioid painkillerbut the damage to his heart had already been done.

authors who write about drugs

Over the next three years, he underwent a slew of surgeries, but it was too late. His heart gave out and he passed away on June 22, Along with Jack Kerouac, another famously alcoholic writer of the time, Allen Ginsberg launched into a campaign to describe the feeling of drugs directly through his writingfocusing not only on the physical effects but the change in emotional states and the perception that time was speeding up or slowing down.

authors who write about drugs

After his good friend Neal Cassidy overdosed on drugs and Jack Kerouac succumbed to his alcoholism, Ginsberg drifted away from the drug scene and took a heavy interest in politics. He was arrested several times at protests of the Vietnam War before taking an extended trip to India to study Krishnaism and meditation.

He passed away in Coleridge first began using opium as a student, and built a tolerance against the drug for the next 40 years. To put that into perspective, the concentrations of laudanum in the 18th century had about 10 mg of morphine per milliliter, which translates to It only takes 1.

The illness stayed with Browning for most of her life, and along with it, the drug. Since she started using opium at such an early age, Browning remained weak and frail into adulthood, by which point she had made the switch from the watered-down laudanum tinctures to pure morphine.

Hopelessly addicted by her twenties, Elizabeth Barrett Browning experienced the world through an opium haze for the vast majority of her life, to the point that it became just as essential to her existence as clothing. In his book The Confessions of Aleister Crowley: Crowley died in from a respiratory infection and complications caused by heroin, which had been prescribed to treat his bronchitis in the first place.

His writing continued languidly without much success and suddenly, two years later, he began writing almost feverishly, creating his three most famous poems in the space of only a few months. In any event, his poems Ode to a Nightingale and Ode to Indolence are considered to be a drastic departure from his earlier poems—which would make sense if he was falling into an opium addiction.

Burroughs In contrast to other authors who have gone through drug addiction indeed, in contrast to most of the people on this list William S. Burroughs has a decidedly negative view of the relationship between drugs and writing. Where some people see inspiration or creative energy, Burroughs sees only depravity and sickness—which could be considered surprising since most of his novels are based on the 15 years he spent addicted to heroin.

However, disappointed that he had been assigned to the infantry he wanted to be an officerhe brought out medical papers claiming that he had a mental illness and was discharged.

From there he moved to New York, got an apartment with Jack Kerouac, and started selling heroin. The next decade and a half of his life was dictated by drugs.

Robert Louis Stevenson

He even moved to Mexico for several years because it was easier to find drugs there. This quote sums up his experiences pretty succinctly: The needle is not important.

Whether you sniff, it smoke it, eat it, or shove it up your ass, the result is the same. He was well known for his alcoholism in a time when alcoholism was the latest fad, taking it to extremes that would have made Hunter S. He became one of those authors who—despite winning two Pulitzer Prizes and receiving critical acclaim—was arguably more famous for his personal life than his writing.

In addition to the drugs and alcohol, it was his violent nature that really drew the spotlight. Mailer was arrested multiple times, punched fellow writer Gore Vidal in the face, and stabbed at least one of his wives he went through six of them.

Normal Mailer was still writing in at the age of 84 when he passed away from acute renal failure. Dick If there was an award for the most schizophrenically delusional writer in history, Philip K.So put on your groovy fringe vest and dig on this of famous authors who used drugs and did their best work while high.

The interesting thing about the authors on this list of famous drug addicts is that they don’t all just write in one genre, or exist in one time period. Two new books by local authors tell readers more than most ever knew — maybe ever wanted to know — about the illegal drug business. Tony D'Souza, an acclaimed young novelist, hasn't met Sylvia.

7 Great Works Of Literature (Written While Wasted)

Oct 03,  · The drugs are potentially curing 13% to 22% of the 3 million to 5 million infected patients in the United States, the authors write. The report predicts spending will continue to lessen in the. One particular drug, Semoxydrine - similar to speed - fuelled him in the manic production of 11 sci-fi novels, some essays and short stories all in the space of one year between and About one third of US drug spending goes to pharmacies, pharmacy benefit managers, and hospitals or clinics that dispense drugs, according to an .

There is a fine line between persistent divine intervention and a drug problem, the latter calling more for an intervention that involves family members and drug rehab center admittance.

Some great literary works were created while the authors were under the influence of drugs.

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