An analysis of the endocrine system

Vertebrates has been attained their systems in evolution. The systems are Respiratory system, Circulatory system, excretory system, Digestive system, Nervous system, Endocrine system and some other systems. In this there are two integrated systems functioning in Homeostasis in vertebrates including humans.

An analysis of the endocrine system

Back to Science Important Science Papers These selected studies are significant because of their high utility or their analysis which provides perspectives on the policy debate surrounding endocrine issues. The European Commission has recently proposed draft criteria for the identification of endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCs that pose a significant hazard to humans or the environment.

The ability of any chemical to produce a physiological effect depends on its pharmacokinetics and the potency by which it acts via the various MoAs that can lead to the particular effect.

Using the agonist MoA via estrogen receptor alpha, we illustrate an empirical method for determining a human-relevant potency threshold HRPTdefined as the minimum level of mechanistic potency necessary for a chemical to be able to act via a particular MoA in humans.

"Histologic Basis of Mouse Endocrine System Development nicely complements Kaufman's previous volumes on mouse development. It is an excellent reference for investigators specializing in the fields of embryology and $ The potential for FTOH to modulate the endocrine system in wildlife: A hypothesis driven weight-of-evidence analysis across endocrine pathways. D Huggett1, S Harvey2, S Korzeniowski3, SJ Borghoff4 1 EAG Laboratories. 2 ToxStrategies, Inc., Katy, TX. 3 BeachEdge Consulting, Media, PA. Jun 21,  · Generic Endocrine System. Since the pioneering work of Rinzel (), it has become a standard approach to study bursting oscillations using fast-slow analysis, i.e. by decomposing the model into fast and (one-dimensional) slow subsystems and analyzing the dynamics of the full system in the limit of the slow variable treated as a bifurcation parameter.

One important use for an HRPT is to distinguish between chemicals that may be capable of, versus those likely to be incapable of, producing adverse effects in humans via the specified MoA.

This approach provides a practical way to address Hazard Identification according to the draft criteria for identification of EDCs recently proposed by the European Commission. Endocrine Activity Cosmetic Ingredient Review Concerns have been growing over the past several decades about the potential for exposures to some chemicals to cause adverse health effects by altering the normal functioning of the human endocrine system.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review CIR continually monitors developments of the research and the regulation of such substances as a matter of long-standing policy. CIR safety assessment reports include data from in vitro e.

The CIR Expert Panel considers ingredients that have demonstrated endocrine activity in such tests as potential endocrine disrupting chemicals EDCsdepending on the relevance, quality and concordance of the available studies, the doses and concentrations tested and the dose- or concentration-response relationships observed in such studies, the affinities of the ingredients for endocrine receptors or other components of the endocrine system, the potency of endocrine-active ingredients compared with endogenous hormones, and other important factors that contribute to an assessment of the overall weight-of-the-evidence WoE.

Such assessments depend, at the outset, on a clear definition of what constitutes an EDC, understanding of the distinction between endocrine activity and endocrine disruption, and differentiation of endocrine-mediated effects from other likely mechanisms of action MOAs.

Human cost burden of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. A critical review Bond, G. To date, these cost estimates have not undergone adequate scientific scrutiny, but nevertheless are being used aggressively in advocacy campaigns in an attempt to fundamentally change how chemicals are tested, evaluated and regulated.

Consequently, we critically evaluated the underlying methodology and assumptions employed by the chief architects of the disease burden cost estimates.

The Endocrine System

Unfortunately, our review uncovered substantial flaws in the approach taken and the conclusions that were drawn. Indeed, the authors of these papers assumed causal relationships between putative exposures to EDCs and selected diseases, i. Consequently, the assigned disease burden costs are highly speculative and should not be considered in the weight of evidence approach underlying any serious policy discussions serving to protect the public and regulate chemicals considered as EDCs.

Evaluating the credibility of histopathology data in environmental endocrine toxicity studies Environ Toxicol Chem ; Histopathology is a common endpoint in toxicologic bioassays; however, because of the subjective nature of this endpoint, and the advanced level of specialized training required for its effective utilization, the reliability of histopathology data can be inconsistent.

Making Critical Decisions. Effortless.

Consequently, mechanisms for evaluating such data on a case-by-case basis are needed. The purposes of the present review are to describe a methodology that can be used to evaluate the credibility of histopathology findings and to discuss the results of such assessments as applied to real-world data collected from the scientific literature.

In addition, the results indicated that the quality of the data examined tended to decline during the past 15 yr.

An analysis of the endocrine system

Uncertainties in biological responses that influence hazard and risk approaches to the regulation of endocrine active substances Integr Environ Assess Manag ; Endocrine-disrupting substances EDS may have certain biological effects including delayed effects, multigenerational effects, and may display nonmonotonic dose—response NMDR relationships that require careful consideration when determining environmental hazards.

Endocrine disrupting substances can have specific and profound effects when exposure occurs during sensitive windows of the life cycle development, reproduction.

This creates the potential for delayed effects that manifest when exposure has ceased, possibly in a different life stage.

An analysis of the endocrine system

This potential underscores the need for testing in appropriate sensitive life stages and full life cycle designs. Such tests are available in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD tool box and should be used to derive endpoints that can be considered protective of all life stages.

Similarly, the potential for effects to be manifest in subsequent generations multigenerational effects has also been raised as a potential issue in the derivation of appropriate endpoints for EDS.

However, multigenerational studies showing increasing sensitivity of successive generations are uncommon.Histologic Basis of Mouse Endocrine System Development: A Comparative Analysis (Research Methods For Mutant Mice) - Kindle edition by Matthew Kaufman, Alexander Yu.

Nikitin, John P. Sundberg. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Materials and Methods

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Histologic Basis of Mouse Endocrine System Development: Manufacturer: CRC Press. In conclusion, we present evidence that the hypothalamic CRF system is controlled by a series of QTL, some of which are specific to only one target gene and some may exert a more global influence on multiple genes in the CRF system.

Endocrine problems when there is an absolute or functional deficit of a hormone. Functional deficits may occur when hormone is present but the end organ receptors may not .

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Lab 28B: Endocrine System Physiology Computer Simulation Introduction The endocrine system is the second greatest control system of the body and has many effects on the tissues and organs.

The thyroid gland, which is a part of the endocrine system, releases a hormone that maintains metabolism. The endocrine system has an ongoing important role in embryonic, fetal and postnatal development as well as maintainance of homeostasis and reproductive function.

There exists a complex interaction between the maternal and fetal endocrine system during development and failure for fetal endocrine.

CHAPTER The Endocrine System